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   1.10.17 | Menopause

   3.14.17 |Depression

   5.09.17 |Allergies

   7.11.17 | Fibromyalgia

   9.12.17 | Fertility

   11.14.17 | Stress



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Are you living with daily pain and discomfort? Don't suffer any longer. Get help now. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

You've tried home remedies. You've seen specialist after specialist.

Nothing has worked and your frustration is growing by the day.

What's left? Give up and learn to live with pain and discomfort? We say no. Not if you want the active and fulfilling life we know you do. It's time to turn things around... today.

Did you know that acupuncture has long been recognized for its ability to control pain? And that it has a proven track record in the treatment of a variety of endocrine, circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, digestive, skin, and cardiovascular conditions? A record so good, in fact, that a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine stated that 51% of medical doctors understand the efficacy and value of acupuncture, and refer more patients to acupuncturists than any other alternative care provider.

What's the next step?
Give us a call today at (717) 545-2544 to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss the many ways in which the ancient art of Chinese medicine can help you get back in control of your health and happiness.


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